Top 3 Gay Dating Apps

gay dating apps

Top 3 Gay Dating Apps

Gay dating apps are mostly a plague with their relentless promotion. They’re also a necessary necessity. Guess what: that’s all pretty technology.

Guess what: they don’t really differ from the norm offerings, especially when you’re on the normal offerings: the discreet nature of online dating and a half-decade of history where people have exchanged countless kisses. But a lot of that was/is just the old fashioned fun of swiping your way through like a fool. It’s fun because it’s swipe; no one knows who you’re or what you’re about unless you show them. You know what I mean. So, obviously, the “old fashioned” gay guy isn’t getting the same kind of response out of the gay dating scene that he used to. Why?

I’d say it has to do with the Grindr/Bumble/oxyber feature that most of these apps have. See, Grindr and Bumble are just really fashioned as simple interfaces for people to get in touch. There isn’t much of a personality to speak of, or a unique hook (buzz words work great in Grindr, but not so much in Bumble or Oxy). However, scruffy gay guys are finding it hard to find an opportunity where the women they meet are as fun and attractive as the guys they’re attracted to, which is a huge issue. The Grindr/Bumble approach feels like a step backwards in this regard.

The final thing about OKCupid is its gay dating website status. OkCupid is like Facebook meets Craigslist in a gay dating setting. It allows gay men to easily find someone to go on a date with, and at the same time meets them to find out more about them before they take it to a face to face date. It might be the easiest way to approach someone new or a lifelong partner. It’s also nice because you can hide your IP address and all sorts of other details when chatting with someone new!

OKCupid is a fine site if you’re looking for a mainstream site with a strong user base. However, the user base is quite small and only lasts around 7 million people. That means that you’ll have to put in a lot of effort to actually get any traction. In fact, our experience with OkCupid has been that the biggest draw to it is the ability to chat with people who are of the same interests as you – something that most other online dating sites are lacking.

As far as our top three best gay dating apps go though, there’s obviously going to be some overlap. Grindr and Chatras are both fantastic ways to meet other gay men. Both sites boast huge user bases, and the drag and drop functionality means you’ll always have a conversation ready to take you where you want to go. For those that prefer to use a phone to communicate, either Grindr or Chatras are perfectly acceptable. Neither site is perfect though, and both will get quite busy.

In third place we have the slightly older but still popular gay dating app Bumble. Bumble allows you to sort through different online profiles, and offers a pretty robust gay community. Although it doesn’t have the same amount of users or activity as some of the newer apps, it’s still a very useful gay dating app that we’ll continue to cover.

In conclusion, our top three gay dating apps have all required a fee, which has been good for us as they allow us to test them and find out what they offer before we commit. It’s important to realise however that like anything else, these apps have their pros and cons. Using a paid service allows you to build up a profile, search for others in your local area and even create your own customised gay web page. However it also requires you to pay a subscription fee to use the service on a regular basis, which could be a downside for some.